The Masseuse Fantasy

When alone, and feeling horny, I delve into a rich fantasy world that involves a wide cast of sexy men. One of my favorites is the blonde masseuse, with his boy next door looks and body of a professional athlete. With him, my story always starts slow and smooth….

“Who gave you my name” asks Josh, as he begins to set up his massage table in my living room.

“Mary Reyes, she works at the desk next to mine” I answer, as my eyes can’t help but wander to that bulge he can barely hide behind his sweat pants.

Smoothly Josh replies “Tell her I said thanks the next time you see her” as he finally lays the sheet over his table. “What kind of trouble do you have with your back?”

How I answer that depends on how I am feeling. If I am feeling relaxed, I flirt with Josh in my fantasy, telling him that my lower back hurts and then letting the massage run a very sensual course. But when I am feeling horny, me and my fantasy masseuse get down to business almost immediately.


“The trouble is not with my back, it’s with my clit, which is throbbing just at the sight of your bulging pants. Why don’t you let that thing out to breathe for a few minutes?” I’ll reply and then stare in awe as his awesome member is finally released. I mount the table and hitch my heels on the edge as Josh begins a descent down my stomach with his tongue. As the scene plays out in my mind, I follow the path of his tongue with my hand, adding a warming lube to help light my groin on fire as my middle finger slowly enters inside.

“Oh there it is” I moan as warm cum squirts out from between my legs. Now Josh slides me back on the table and raises my legs onto his shoulders. Now two fingers covered in lube thrust inside to the same rhythm as my fantasy Josh. As my hips rise to meet his I can feel his glistening sweat drip down off his chest onto mine, and with my other hand I begin to feverishly massage my taut nipples.

I cry out as I reach orgasm along with Josh, and his tight body falls down on top of mine. Like this I lay in my bed for what feels like hours, panting as my insides continue to throb from the pleasure. Sadly, it is now time to say goodbye to my fantasy Josh, and promise him another romp very, very soon. I’ll have to use something else to pleasure myself until the next time.


The Rise of Pornography

Rise of Porn

Pornography and more specifically the adult industry in general is gigantic. Hundreds of millions of people log on to adult content websites everyday to explore sexual fantasies learn about sex for themselves, or I think most commonly (and bluntly) jack-off to erotic movie and photographs. The internet and the accessibility of the internet has changed the adult world significantly as the biggest problem for adult vendors in the past was distribution. However in the past two decades, the adult industry has exploded and not everyone is happy about it.

Many people view the adult industry as a dark and dirty world, filled with desperate people looking to make a buck or two. This is not the case and the adult industry is actually comprised of many extremely intelligent people who have joined the industry not because it’s a way to earn a paycheck but because it’s an industry they are passionate about. If a man or a woman wants to share their bodies in a public forum, who are you to tell them that it’s wrong?

I understand that there are some horror stories from the industry and I know that sex exploitation happens on a regular basis. However, this is a very small percentage of the industry and one that is not viewed by the typical subscriber of sex photography. I think pornography is a fantastic away for the common person to explore their sexual beings and discover things they like. You only live once and life is way too short to be having sex missionary your entire life.

I’d like to see a world where the sex industry moves out from behind the dark curtain and into a setting which is socially more accepted. Even sex stores for example are places you have to sneak into with a hood over your face to avoid the embarrassment of what other people might think you are going into buy. I understand that the erotic industry has often times created this problem for itself with huge vibrators the size of a horses penis and other even more bizarre products but to be fair, they are only catering towards people’s deepest desires. But the adult industry also has fantastic products design to help couples sex lives including fleshlights and tenga eggs.

As I write more and more about erotic photography and even participate in the photography itself, I find myself having more and more respect for the people with the vision to build the adult industry into what it is today. I hope that I can play a small role in making that industry a better place for adults to seek out their sexual desires.


Capturing The Raw Intensity

Raw, Passionate Sex

The above captures the raw intensity and passion of sex. The feeling that sex brings is I think something that is terribly difficult to capture in a photo despite the millions of photos and videos on the internet depicting it. Obviously the adult industry has turned sex into much more than a bond two people share and more of a entertainment feature used to fill the pockets of the super rich who produce the content. In a way, I think the adult industry and devalued sex so much, that it’s hard for younger people today to really have a good sense of what it really is.

When I find a photo which I think captures the sexual experience, I am always eager to share it. It’s rare to find and I think the above really does a good job in providing a sense of eroticism while remaining classy. Let’s start with the man who has tremendously strong arms and is more than able to take care of his woman. His left hand has her held tightly on her lower back forcefully even which is the first sign I noticed which suggested he is the dominant in this photo. The man’s right hand is however supporting her gracefully, providing her with a soft touch. This allows her to feel safe despite giving complete control up to the man.

The woman on the other hand is asking the man to take her. The way her hands wrap is head, pulling him inwards suggest that she wants him as close as possible. The way she leans back also provides further evidence of the dominating scenario in that she is allowing him to have everything he wants to take.

The outfit of the woman is particularly interesting. Starting from the top she is wearing mask which I always find seemingly erotic. The mask allows one to feel as if they are not themselves, allowing the person to explore a world which they would not typically explore. There is an abundance of research on this subject and how they allow you act as if you are seemingly an entire different person.

The bottom piece to her outfit is also intriguing in that it is obviously something untraditional. As I take a closer look, it almost looks as though the top and bottom are connected through the back. Extremely sexy and obviously something that is encouraging this man to take her as she is.